The 5 Shifts Masterclass

Change the dating game from being entertained, to being loved. 

This is not just a Masterclass, it's a Soul class on how to date consciously and transform your love life from the inside out!

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In this Masterclass you'll discover... 

✓ How to completely transform your dating experience by making 5 shifts that will change how you show up in love. Not only will you flip dating on its head, you’ll also learn how to get into alignment and attract singles that are looking for real relationships.


 The real problem isn’t the dating scene… it’s something much deeper (that most people don’t talk about). We’ll uncover the truth and set you on a path to get you what you really want.


 Why you are 100% responsible for the people you have (and have not) attracted in your life, and what you can do to become the hero of your own love story.


 How my clients are using the power of conscious communication to fearlessly express their truth and ask for what they want (instead of tiptoeing around topics and worrying about being too direct and pushing someone away).


 And how to date consciously and honor your precious time and energy (and everyone else’s) by being authentic, intentional, and in integrity with yourself.

What students are saying about Integrity Dating...

"It's not about seeking the, it's about becoming the one first." Neelam 

About Your Guide 

Hi, I'm Neelam, the Founder of Integrity Dating, and your guide on this journey to love. If you are tired of the dating scene and find it frustrating, you are not alone. Millions of singles feel the same way.  I know how challenging it can be to navigate dating, I’ve been there. Apps and dating sites don’t teach us how to date intentionally so we end up wasting precious time and energy with the wrong people. The world is caught up in superficial dating instead of focusing on things that truly matter like values, intention, communication, and alignment. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. There’s a better, more authentic way to date that feels good and honors your time and energy. In this Masterclass I will share 5 Shifts that will transform your love life from the inside out! They will help you change the dating game from being being loved. You will learn how to date consciously and create meaningful connections that move you in the direction of love. I'm excited to share these powerful shifts with you! 

Love, Neelam