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Learn to date intentionally and honor your time with our masterclass.

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Know your date more in 3 dates vs. 3 months with these powerful questions. 

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Practice what you learned in our fun and purposeful speed dating rounds.

Our Dating Events Are Perfect For You If...

  You are single.
  You are seeking meaningful connections.

You are committed to personal growth.
You are open to meeting singles around the world. 
  You have achieved success in your professional life and would now like to have it in your personal life.

  You are open to learning how to date consciously.
  You are willing to attend the full event with your camera on so your dates can meet you. 😎

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Meet amazing singles from around the world.

What You Can Expect


  A purposeful, interactive, and FUN dating experience!
We will start off with a 15 minute masterclass on conscious communication to guide you on how to know someone more in 3 dates vs. 3 months. 
You will get key questions and tips on how to bypass small talk and set the stage for real conversations.
You will go through speed dating rounds and meet singles in real-time and connect with them based on your values and vision instead of photos and swipes.
Sparks will be flying, friendships will be made, and dating will feel good again.


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Hi, I'm Neelam 

The Founder of Integrity Dating and your guide on this journey to love. If you are tired of the dating scene and find it frustrating, you are not alone. Millions of singles feel the same way.  I know how challenging it can be to navigate dating, I’ve been there. Apps and dating sites don’t teach us how to date intentionally so we end up wasting precious time and energy with the wrong people. The world is caught up in superficial dating with swipes, texting, and games, instead of focusing on things that truly matter like values, intention, and communication, and alignment.  

But it doesn’t have to be this way. There’s a better, more authentic way to date that feels good and honors your time and energy. Integrity Dating empowers singles like you to date consciously and build meaningful connections that lead to love. 

If you are ready to try a refreshing approach to dating, I welcome you to join the Integrity Speed Dating Event! I'll be sharing powerful tips from my Integrity Dating course that will help you transform your love life from the inside out.  See you there! 

 Love, Neelam